We began using Behavior Balance DMG during my daughters first few months of first grade. She had previously struggled with concentration, completing a task and sleeping. After one month on Behavior Balance DMG she is reading and solving math problems on a higher level than her class. She has no difficulty falling asleep.

K Schultz

Dear Dr. Kendall, I have a four-year-old son diagnosed with moderate Autism. We have tried numerous options over the past two years in treating his autism with various nutritional supplements, diets, therapies, etc… . I had come across information regarding DMG and decided to give it a try, not knowing the proper dosage amount for a child with Autism, I started giving him on 125mg daily in which I did see some direct eye contact establish but nothing significant and was told by a medical professional to try TMG. I stopped TMG due to the adverse effect. I then decided to place him back on DMG but at a much higher dosage after coming across your recommended dosing for individuals with Autism. He currently is taking 900mg a day in divided doses and has made remarkable progress over the past three months since reintroducing DMG into his daily routine. My son has been non verbal since nineteen months of age, when he lost the fifteen words he had in his vocabulary as well as all of the developmental milestones he accomplished, after receiving his last series of childhood vaccinations, but thanks to DMG he is now experiencing once again expressive language, direct eye contact, improved motor skills both fine and gross motor. DMG has played a key role in my son\’s ability to communicate and function on daily basis, thank you for helping him regain some of his abilities to lead a better way of life.

Laurey Tedeschi

Dear Dr. Kendall,

For the past 6 weeks, I have had a sciatic condition on the right side of my leg. The pain started at my hip and went all the way down to my toes. Getting out of bed in the morning was the worse. Exercising and even walking up stairs was becoming difficult and caused me to limp. As this was my first bout with pain of this degree, I was unsure how to treat it. After reading Building Wellness with DMG, I began taking 1000 mg of DMG daily and within 3 days, the pain was totally gone! I can now move freely and have gone back to sit-ups before my workouts as this was impossible without the DMG! This book could not have come out at a better time. Thank you!

Karen S.
Williston, VT

I just wanted to know where I can sign up for the fan club…. I think this is a wonderful and written in down to earth book so anyone can understand. I plan on purchasing several to hand out including my ADHD son’s Doctor. I also think I want to submit one to the school’s library so they will stop pushing Strattera or Consorta or all those wonderful things and start looking for something that is not going to harm in the long run.

Laurie Rodgers

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