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DrRogerKendallRoger V. Kendall, Ph.D., has worked for over 25 years in the field of Nutritional Research and Product Development in the health field. He is considered to be the leading expert in the biochemistry and therapeutic applications of DMG.

Dr. Kendall lectures widely, and is currently serving as Head of the Research Committee for NASC, National Animal Supplement Council. He has authored numerous articles in both peer reviewed journals and leading magazines on the therapeutic role of nutrients as immune modulators, antioxidants, and metabolic enhancers that promote healing and optimum health.

Dr. Kendall holds a Ph.D. in organic biochemistry from Penn State University, and has held teaching positions at University of Bridgeport and Ambassador University. He presently holds seven U.S. Patents, 2 European Patents, six of them on DMG.

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N,N-Dimethylglycine or DMG is a natural substance found in low levels in the body and in certain foods like meat (liver), beans, seeds, and grains. DMG is not found in high levels in your body because it is an intermediary metabolite, meaning it has a temporary role in the cell cycle before it is rapidly broken down into other substances that your body needs. The human body can produce small amounts of DMG from choline and betaine, but supplementation with DMG can result in many health benefits to the body.


DMG (N,N-Dimethylglycine) is the simplest amino acid, glycine whose two hydrogen atoms that have been replaced with methyl (CH3) groups on its nitrogen atom. Research shows it to be physiologically active and important to cell metabolism. DMG supplies essential methyl groups for modification, building, and detoxifying many components in the body.

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